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AI Automated Desk Review & Audit

Motor claim leakage is difficult to contain, and consists mainly in unnecessary repair operations. Catching these require visual inspection and expertise, but it’s not economical to manually review every single estimate. Our AI can process thousands of estimates per minute, flagging unnecessary operations by inspecting images. Review estimates at scale in real time, and ensure you pay the right amount on each and every claim!

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Claims FNOL Triage

Whenever your policyholder is involved in an accident, it is critical to quickly assess whether the car is repairable or not, and dispatch it to the right workflow the very first time. But current processes rely on dozens of subjective questions and are not accurate enough. Instead of asking your customer to answer questions at a moment of stress, simply ask them to take a few images, or assign this to the tow truck driver. Our AI reviews photos in real time, provides superior triage performance based on damage severity, and allows you to accurately dispatch the claim to salvage, repair or appraisal.

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Custom Solutions (Insurance)

Thinking of applying Artificial Intelligence to another business line within Insurance? For instance, service provider cost control, home damage estimating, fraud detection, liability assignment or underwriting? Get in touch to see what our technology can do for you.

Our Product Solutions are cloud hosted and easily accessible by an API

Our solutions are backed by our enterprise class security and support. We understand the importance of confidentiality for insurers: our infrastructure exceeds our clients SLAs.

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