Custom Solutions

We power business applications with Artificial Intelligence that can understand images and text

We first tailor a Prototype as per your requirements so you can test our algorithms

We then build a full-fledged solution that really matches your needs

Our solutions are cloud hosted, easily accessed by API and backed by our enterprise class security and support

Can Tractable AI bring performance gains to your organisation? Our framework


Do you have image or unstructured data archives? In the tens of thousands or more? Do you also hold records of the analysis performed on them?


Scale — do you need to process very large amount of data to make the right decision?

Speed — would performing the analysis in real time, as soon as information is captured, generate value?

Accuracy — algorithms make less mistakes than humans: is precision critical in your process?


Can you act upon our AI analysis? Can you gain access to the images or required data at the crucial point in time? Would our insertion be as simple as your current software making API calls to our servers?