Insurance Solutions

Automate insurance imaging tasks

Automatically audit claims to make sure you always pay the right amount. Visually inspect car damage pictures at FNOL to triage between repairable and total loss. Insurance companies are already using our solutions to improve their operations.

Custom Solutions (all industries)

Automate image & text understanding tasks

Tech giants use deep learning technology for consumer applications. Tractable uses it to solve real problems for your organization. We offer custom solutions backed by enterprise class security.

Enterprise Services

Tractable offers custom solutions to solve real problems for your business. Our technology can learn expert tasks, whether from imagery or text, and automate them at near zero marginal cost. Our solutions are easily accessed by API and backed by our enterprise class security and support.

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Process very large amounts of data to make the right decision


Perform analysis in real time, as soon as information is captured


Exceed human accuracy with our algorithms

Technology to power business applications

Tractable Image Recognition

The past 3 years have seen fundamental breakthroughs in computer vision via Deep Learning. Deep learning systems now surpass human accuracy on image recognition tasks. Tractable's powerful image and video recognition technology is built on the most advanced deep learning systems and is easily accessible by API.

Tractable Text Understanding

Tractable employs deep learning technology to parse unstructured document (OCR) and understand natural language (NLP). We apply our proprietary active learning platform to improve how AI analyses text content and understand context. Tractable powerful text understanding technology is built on the most advanced deep learning systems and is easily accessible by API.